Boxing legend Mike Tyson, one known as the baddest man in the planet, has got down to business straightaway as California announced the legalisation of recreational marijuana this 2018.

You can now buy, sell, consume cannabis in California, but look out for a few rules -- from not smoking pot in public to driving under the influence of the drug.

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Tyson, 51, has always been a fan of marijuana, especially for its plethora of clinical reasons, most importantly, treating excruciating pain in the body. The former heavyweight champion has  purchased 40 acres of land in California City, to grow marijuana.

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Terming the ranch as the 'Tyson Cultivation School', the boxing legend is set to create a lot of job opportunities by providing perfect marijuana growing lessons to farmers and also set aside a huge portion of space for 'master growers' to have maximum control of the environment.

The Tyson ranch will not only provide a perfect field for growing tonnes and tonnes of weed but will also be used as the place for studies related to marijuana and its plethora of benefits, especially the clinical ones.

Tyson has joined hands with business partners Jay Strommen and Robert Hickman to create this one-of-a-kind facility. Also, he has had a verbal consent with California City mayor Jennifer Wood, over the initiative.

The Tyson ranch will also have its own amphitheatre, complete with luxury camping area and cabins. Thus, making it a fantastic tourist attraction as well.