Since the beginning of April, a new app that has been developed by food aggregator Swiggy and others has been helping the Karnataka govt deliver food to about 1 million needy people in state capital Bengaluru.

The app was developed through a crowdsourced model.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the state governments are battling to deliver food to needy people, including migrant labourers, daily wagers and poor people, and the app, Dasoha 2020, has become one of the biggest support systems for the government.


Food for the needy

Food is delivered using the app twice a day. People who are forced to stay indoors and who have no source of earning to feed themselves and their families are the ones who are benefiting from this initiative.

Swiggy confirmed the partnership with the Karnataka govt and added that Amazon has helped significantly in providing a platform making sure that the app is successful in carrying out its operations.

Migrant workers
Migrant workers

The project had started with 1.2 lakh meals per day and in a short time, it has increased, which also suggests that a large number of people are stranded in the city during the lockdown.

Dale Vaz from Swiggy stated that the company was indeed delighted to be partners with the state Govt in carrying out the Dasoha 2020 project.

Timely tweaks are being made in the Dasoha 2020 app by an in house technology team of the government to make changes as per the requirements.

Efforts beyond daily meals

Efforts have extended to deliver essential items and services to migrant laborers apart from just cooked meals.

The state govt has taken many initiatives like Dasoha 2020, making groups of volunteers to help the govt during this time, fight fake news and setting up Telegram group to distribute confirmed information about the COVID-19 situation in Karnataka.

An official stated that anyone who wishes to ask for food has to simply call up 155214 and the receiver will take down the name, phone number, address, landmark and other details like the number of people, gender divide, senior citizens, children and if there is anyone disabled among them.

In about 7-8 hours the food is delivered after the request is made and between 11 am to 2 pm at noon and between 5 and 8 pm in the evening, the official clarified.