Mia Khalifa's Instagram is always on fire. From flaunting her curves to giving glimpses of her derriere; Mia keeps her followers glued to her social media page. And two of her latest posts are a prime example of how she doles out major doses of entertainment. So let's take a look at what the two posts are about.

Mia Khalifa
Mia KhalifaInstagram

Abs she hasn't seen

In the first post, Mia can be seen flaunting her washboard abs. She revealed how she woke up and canceled her workout. She added that posting pictures of abs makes her feel better. "Woke up and canceled my workout, but posting pics of the abs I haven't seen in a month makes me feel slightly better about that," she wrote. Mia's sensuous pictures have taken over the internet.

Talking about her "bitter ass"

In another post, Mia spoke about her "bitter ass" as she munched on some delicious hot dog. Mia wrote, "My bitter ass at home watching @aclfestival take place without me this weekend like Austin didn't just shut down after I left."

Mia Khalifa revealed in an interview with Yahoo that it was her body confidence issues that led her into a relationship. And eventually, it was the relationship which landed her in the adult film industry. She also spoke about how she was overweight and didn't see anyone around her looking like her. She added that she was easily malleable, na├»ve and used to get influenced easily; especially by a man.

"I was looking to other people to put value on myself. I was looking for validation in every crevice that I could, without actually doing internal work. I was naive, vulnerable, and malleable. Very easily talked into things, especially if it was by a man."