It is a hard truth that women in India are more vulnerable than men. It is also believed and argued that women are more likely to carry out suicidal attempts than men. But, the official numbers state a different story.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau's latest suicide statistics for the year 2020, the number of suicide cases of men is more than double that of women. The data states that there were 419 suicides a day which means 1,53,052 suicide deaths in 2020.

Suicide. (IANS Infographics)IANS

Men cant handle pressure

Male suicide number amounts to 1,08,532 (70.91%) and female suicide deaths to 44,498 (29.07%). The remaining 22 suicidal deaths were of transgender people, Wion reported, citing NCRB data. 

The covid pandemic could be stated as a reason for the increase in suicidal deaths among men due to joblessness, financial insecurity and mental pressure. However, there is something more apart from this that society needs to evaluate.

In India, a man is supposed to be the head of a family. He is seen as a bread provider and expected to take care of the home. Men are considered to be aggressive, competitive, strong, competitive and intellectual. A man cannot portray his mental emotions due to social stigma. Society perceives a man as weak if he cries aloud or exhibits his emotional feelings.

Workplace-related issues

Most men often experience social isolation due to high pressure from workplaces and families. Due to societal pressure, they are unable to access medical help or talk to medical experts and fail in finding a possible solution. They find suicide as a last resort and end up in suicide.

The lack of gender-neutral laws in India is also an important concern. Legal disparities between men and women have been prevalent for various reasons throughout history. It has been challenging for lawmakers in India to take a gender-neutral standpoint.

The National Crime Records Bureau also provides startling statistics on suicides related to work-related issues.

According to statistics on suicide deaths in the workplace, men are more vulnerable than women. 2020 saw a total of 1837 suicides related to work-related issues, which toils out to 5 suicides a day. Male suicides consisted of 1602 (87.2%) of all deaths, while female suicides consisted of 234 (12.74%).

While there are strict rules to address sexual harassment of women at work, tragically, there are very few laws to address bullying and harassment at work. Most men suffer from offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour from senior members or colleagues. They also undergo humiliation and high work pressure from the organization.

Men are also becoming victims of another stereotype - unemployment. There is a misconception that men should earn and look after their parents and families. When they find it difficult to find suitable employment, they resort to suicide. As per National Crime Records Bureau, the total unemployment suicide deaths were 3548, out of which 3237 (91.23%) were males; 309 (8.71%) were females.

The alarmingly rising rate of suicide deaths among both men and women in India raises serious concerns. It is also a serious concern that men are becoming more vulnerable in society due to the greater suicide rate of 70.91 per cent. The Government must implement a strategy to reduce suicide attempts and deaths by considering the numerous circumstances that can lead someone to do so.