The United States First Lady Melania Trump, even though "you know, who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations", seemed to be kicking off the Trump's final holiday season at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as she welcomed the White House Christmas tree on Monday evening, in a show of carrying out any of her prescribed duties before she leaves the office along with her husband on January 20.

Continuing the long-held tradition even as the coronavirus pandemic rages on and as President Donald Trump's longshot election challenges remain unsettled, Melania in a black and white checked Balenciaga tartan coat made some conversation with the two men steering the sleigh and dutifully smiled for the camera alongside the Taylors, who grew the Fraser fir—one photo with mask on, one mask off. Then she smiled, waved and said 'Merry Christmas' after she finished her walkabout. She did not wear a face mask during the short, outdoor event.

Melania's last Christmas at White House
Melania's last Christmas at White House
Melania's last Christmas at White House
Melania's last Christmas at White House

White House Christmas: An iconic holiday tradition

White House Christmas tree selection is typically a competitive process overseen by the National Christmas Tree Association, which has provided the official tree since 1966. Therefore, the tree this year is an 18 and 1/2 foot tall Fraser fir and is from Dan and Bryan Trees in West Virginia. It will be seated in the Blue Room of the White House as the center of the holiday decorations and its height is specifically chosen to fit that room.

The first lady's office is soon expected to unveil the White House Christmas decorations and theme, which will be Melania's last major act as the first lady.

These festivities come especially after a recording statement released by her former friend and employee Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, that revealed Melania complaining "who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff" while discussing the traditional first lady task of decorating the executive mansion for the holiday.

The tapes were released when Wolkoff appeared on CNN on October 1, hours before it was announced the Melania and her husband President Donald Trump had tested positive for Covid-19. Wolkoff was promoting her memoir, 'Melania & Me,' which portrays the first lady in an unflattering light.

Trump Melania
In a photo taken in May, 2019, President Donald Trump kisses first lady Melania Trump during an event at the White House.Getty Images

Things are falling apart for the Trumps this year, either it is the coronavirus pandemic or the election turmoil. Sources close to the First Lady have even confirmed that the couple's 15-year marriage was over and Melania is counting every minute until Donald is out of the office and she can divorce.

"If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while he's in office, he would find a way to punish her," said Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former aide to Melania.

The rumors about the unhappy marriage between the US President and the first lady are however not new. Whether these claims are true is not known but there have been numerous occasions when the camera has caught the strained relationship between the outgoing president and the first lady. Melania has been often caught on camera brushing off Donald Trump's hand when he was trying to hold her hand in public. Probably, apart from calling children across the states on Christmas Day to inform them about Santa's whereabouts, Melania may secretly wish for this as a gift from Santa this winter.