Fighting fake news has become a daunting task due to the massive growth of internet penetration in India. Not just social media and websites, but also YouTube has become a factory of spreading lies.

Pratham and Meghana Raj
Pratham and Meghana Raj.Instagram

Here is yet another instance where some YouTube channels have indulged in spreading a fake news that Meghana Raj, wife of late actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, is ready for a second marriage. There are YouTube channels which have claimed that she is gearing up for the wedding again just a year after his hubby's death.

Pratham Slams
Venting out his frustration, Pratham, who shares a good relationship with Chiru family, has slammed the fake-news providing channels." I thought of ignoring it!! But it got over 2.70 lakh views!!! Fighting legally is the only when channels stoop low for views and money. It becomes a lesson to other channels when such videos are legally taken down many channels, [sic]" the rough translation of his Tweet in Kannada read.

Chiranjeevi Sarja with wife Meghana Raj

Negativity Sells
Speaking with a daily, Pratham said that spreading misinformation for the sake of views is wrong and negative reports spread faster than positive news." I have asked Meghana Raj to take legal action against such channels and Sunder Raj sir also expressed his disappointment over the fake news. We have to teach a lesson," he said.

This is not the first time where she has become a victim of fake news. Ever since the death of her hubby, there have been many fake reports spread by YouTube channels around her personal life.

Meanwhile, the naming ceremony of Meghana Raj's baby was held recently. Raayan Raj Sarja is the name of her son who was born in October 2021.