Himanshu Mahawar

Branding by Online media has become a massive piece of our day-to-day existence in these previous few years, especially with Celebrities, Influencers, Brands, and businesses.

An Indian digital marketer, born on February 10, 1998, in Bundi, Rajasthan, started working in the same industry at 16. Himanshu Mahawar, a digital marketing expert working with many of his clients around the world, has a crucial role in digital marketing and web creation for celebrities and brands.

He claims to have also worked with large national and international companies for their growth and reach. He intends to bring out a change and says he knows how to increase brand value and increase online value for people and brands.

He is the founder of Wewhost and Zooxper Media & Marketing, two specialized web hosting and marketing firms. Both are said to have deals with well-known consumers from various sectors, including Web Hosting for websites and Marketing in the Bollywood industry. He now handles a wide variety of advertising for companies, celebrity management, music, and other promotions.

When asked how he could follow two careers and time in this fast-paced, multi-tasking environment, he said, " From digital marketing, I earned money and have a comfortable life, while web designing took my mind into research and insightful ways." he also added that he spends at least 100 hours a week on his work and clients. He told us that the future target is to be self-reliant and to help people grow their companies efficiently, while with experience, skills, and information, you can complete tasks without power cuts.

Talking about his experience so far, he said, "We need to grow with time and technology that will help us make our lives simpler. We've been able to remain optimistic because of the entertainment industry, and we've benefited a lot from some fantastic stories."