Mayur Nanekar
Mayur Nanekar

Mayur Nanekar a name which has taken everyone by surprise in the past few years or so but his journey for reaching success started from 2010 when we decided to change his life.

Artist: Mayur Nanekar's journey started to change when he decided to transform his physique into one of the perfect body in India. Many don't know he is a born artist this lad has shown his skills many a time on social media by posting his hand made classic sketches.He is and the different kind of person you never know what he will do next in his life.

Brand M2: Being an artist he has mastered in graphic designing, he loves to create content which has already made him an online celebrity. His artistic mind has helped him build a beautiful brand called M2 Apparel and Suppz. His every design in M2 is classic and most suitable to the athletes. He is bringing a new revolution by producing some traditional wears for athletes and also bringing world-class supplements to boost athletes lifestyle in every department.

Supplements of M2: Mayur Nanekar is focusing on giving world-class supplements to our athletes who can provide them with real protein and energy as per their everyday needs. His initiative has also given him lots of name in the athlete world. Many feel his supplements are of A-grade and you won't see such supplements in other brands in India. It shows his exercise for finding and giving something special to India's athletes.

This lad is young, and he has many dreams to achieve in his life. He is an ideal example for our young ones how to grow in life if you have those skills. It is just about pushing your standard by working hard on your goal. If you can raise your bar than life is full of success and example if Mayur Nanekar.

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