Asad Hussain
Asad Hussain

15 years of being in the fitness industry with constant dedication, hard work, research and study, Asad Hussain has earned rose in the ranks in the world of fitness.

His motto is not only transforming the physique of his clients but also giving them a new purpose and perspective in life towards health, longevity and life.

His expertise lies in focusing not only on aesthetics but also enhancing the quality of life, which involves helping reverse lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, frailty , hyperlipidemia etc.

His diets are healthy and full of essential nutrients,vitamins and minerals which a body requires to thrive. He aims at making sure you are healthy from within and aesthetically appealing as well. Prescribing the right diet is the absolute key, because you can never out train a bad diet, the damage of low quality food (despite them making you lose weight) can be far worse than obesity itself, he says.

He also feels that there is way too much misinformation about a lot of things regarding health and fitness. Like every other thing that people view passionately, there are fanatics who spew out anecdotally established views and lead people in a direction that will further damage their health and situation. Thus he along with his team of 30 trainers, who are spread all over India to not only just train their clients but also to impart them with knowledge of being aware of what they are consuming and why. Having a sense of awareness will help you in this journey of a fit and healthy life which will also enable you to hack into certain occasions of big eating and yet maintain great structure and health overall, he says.

Also due to an increase in demand for coaching by him and his team, he has decided to go online with his fitness program which will now be available for masses. Now his online programs which include workouts and diets will be available globally at affordable prices. Going to the gym can be a lot of commitment for a person and that sometimes dissuades a person from being consistent, he says.

Asad's coaching helps you need balance and symmetry in your body, he claims. His plans not only make you healthy but make you feel great, look great by enhancing your metabolism and bodily processes from the inside. Having trained most of the bikini pageant winners of India, he has been key in uplifting this field by making it aspirational to go beyond the regular skinny bodies of the 90's and fit into the new world of health and fitness, he says.

He has an avid following on social media and his strong community of trainers has taken over the market by storm. He's recently gained a lot of traction from Dubai and Singapore where fitness is aggressively picking up, he says. The new-age fitness is not just yoga and running, it's a combination of all the best tools from the best aspects of strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and wellness. And all of this should enable you to thrive and live your best moments loving yourself to the fullest while being away from disease for good.