Even as the debate on nepotism in Bollywood is on, actress Meera Chopra has spoken about the emotional exploitation that actors face in the film industry. Without naming anyone, she has alleged that some directors exploit the artistes on daily basis.

"Its really not about #nepotism, but emotional exploitation of an actor which happens on daily basis in Bollywood, and just bcoz of ur twisted whims and fancies! [sic]" Meera Chopra wrote in a post.

However, she does not blame every filmmaker of exploiting actors. "Lots of people including me, wants to break the silence as to why actors commit suicide in this industry, what brings them to the edge. How does the system works against you, and how some directors exploit you emotionally and ruthlessly. (the wise ones never do and education plays a big part here)

Ive been there and I still get subjected to it. But the point is how much support you get when you open up, and how many people stand with u. Has it stopped after sushant's suicide?? NO...The fear of everything makes u take that step eventually. Its never about work, theres plenty in the industry, its about your self respect, dignity,principles and most of it your peace!! [sic]"

Nevanta is Family for Meera Chopra

Following the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, she had come down heavily on Bollywood and the actor's fan circle. The Section 375 actress had spoken about how people change their loyalty once a film flops at the box office, while accusing people of not showing their genuine affection and love.

Meera Chopra further highlighted that it is tough for outsiders to survive in the industry.