A suspected spark from an electric post on Monday around noon in the heart of the Kerala capital completely burnt out a shed where condemned articles were kept.

The fire broke out near a leading private hospital, where the shed is located and Zulfi who owns it said it was around noon a spark from an electric post started the fire when it came down and lit up the shed that he owns.

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For the past two days, it has become very hot and that was perhaps one reason for the fire to have spread very quickly.

No casualties; fire under control

Local legislator, State Education Minister V. Sivankutty who rushed to the place of the fire said so far things are all under control and there have been no injuries.

V. Sivankutty

"All the people living in the vicinity of the fire have been safely moved out to other places. The Fire tenders are all working hard and things are under control," said Sivankutty.

Numerous fire tenders are working hard to douse the flame and after around 90 minutes things are under control, but the smoke still continues to come from the place of the fire.