It wouldn't be completely wrong to say that Anirban Bhattacharya is setting new standards for performers in the Bengali film industry. Although he is presently considered the new rising star of Bengal for his series of successful releases, he has not detached himself from the theatre where he developed his base as a performer.

The actor has garnered a lot of fame for his performance as Byomkesh Bakshi on the OTT platform, Hoichoi. During an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, we asked Anirban Bhattacharya if he had high hopes from the Bengali OTT platforms.

Anirban Bhattacharya on Lets OTT
Bengali actor Anirban Bhattacharya talks about OTT platforms

"When OTT platforms were first launched, many people did not support the idea of it, many of them were against OTT platforms claiming that it will destroy the cinematic experience. Martin Scorsese was one of them. Finally, he too filmed The Irishman which released on Netflix and it was a masterpiece, a three-and-half hour-long masterpiece... you can also call it a masterwork."

Hoichoi has started making great content in Bengali film industry 

"In the Bengali film industry too Hoichoi and various other platforms have started making great content. The Bengali audience too has become binge-watcher, they keep in touch with what's the latest release on OTT platforms. I believe if we give it some time, maybe we can witness something as groundbreaking as The Irishman in the Bengali platform. It may or may not be Irishman maybe a Bangali man," said Anirban.

With the release of Dwityo Purush on the big screen and the fifth season of Byomkesh on the OTT platform Hoichoi, the year started on a successful note for the actor.

In the two releases mentioned above, the actor performed two contrasting characters. We asked the actor the ability to bring on such wide-range of characters take a toll on him. Anirban said,"Yes yes definitely, it takes a lot of toll on me. This is not special, that's the job of an actor. The entire day I think about various characters and that's how my life is. There's no particular exercise for this."