Mark Zuckerberg while surfing in Hawaii

Mark Zuckerberg is once again in news. He always has been in news for Facebook spying on us, Facebook stealing our data, because he jumped on the list of the richest people in the world, or he jogging in China without a mask before the coronavirus had hit the world and all the privacy concerns that Facebook has allegedly been breaching. This time Zuckerberg was in news for surfboarding and looking like a zombie and a demon to many.

He went surfing and his photos got viral as people are talking and commenting on how he looked while surfboarding. Newly-surfaced photos showed Mark Zuckerberg zipping around on an electric surfboard in Hawaii and he was doing it in the middle of the global coronavirus pandemic. It should be noted that in the USA alone there are over 3.83 million cases.

But, this is just one part of the activity that he indulged in. The internet had jokes on him for the way he had splashed his face with way too much sunscreen and how he looked.

Someone on Twitter said that he looked like a robot trying to enjoy some time on the water.

Mark Zuckerberg gets several comments for surfing in Hawaii

Someone else said that when you are out in the sun it is important to wear sunscreen. But Zuckerberg took things to an extreme level in Hawaii as he made himself doubly sure that his face wasn't going to get sunburned.

People even compared his energy with that of Donald Trump through a photo in which both Trump and Zuckerberg are placed together.

Mark and Trump
Twitter user posts a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and Donald Trump

Reports stated that Zuckerberg was surfing the waves with pro surfer Kai Lenny, on a 12,000 Efoil board.

Hawaii has recorded about 23 deaths and less than two thousand recorded cases of the novel coronavirus but as the graph rises in the USA, this probably is not the best time to step outside to surf. Zuckerberg has made everyone sit inside their homes and surf Facebook from their homes and he should probably do the same.