Manish Raisinghan

'Sasural Simar Ka' fame Manish Raisinghan is a married man now. He tied the knot with Sangeita Chauhan on June 30 in a small wedding at a gurudwara in Mumbai. At the moment, the newlywed couple is having some good lockdown time amidst the beautiful weather in Mumbai.

On the work front, Manish is garnering praise for his newly launched song 'Nikle Toh Nikal Logey.' 

Manish Marriage collarge

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, Manish Raisinghan candidly spoke about his life post marriage, his new song 'Nikle Toh Nikal Logey,' friend Sushant Singh Rajput's demise and more.


On how life has changed post marriage

Manish and wife

It's too early to say, as much as its shocking for others, it's for me and I am yet to come to terms to it (laughs). For instance, after we came from gurudwara and our marriage rituals were completed, we went off to sleep, and it was pretty sound sleep. As soon I opened my eyes, I saw Sangeita right next to me, and I jumped out of bed, and told her 'What are you doing here?' To which she candidly said 'SaaleHaamari Shaadi Hogayae Hai'. It pretty sums up how my married life is going on and the way my wife is treating me. (laughs again).

On the lockdown song 'Nikle Toh Nikal Logey.'

Manish Raiinghan

The minute I heard the song, I liked it as it resonates with the current scenario. The song is so catchy. Regardless of so many corona and lockdown songs 'Nikle toh Nikal Logey' doesn't preach, it gives out a subtle message in a very quirky way.  The crux of the song is human emotions that are continually going on between our heart and mind. Our heart wants to go out, and our mind warns us to stay indoors. Even the kids will love it as there is physical humour attached to it.

 Method of conceptualising and shooting the song 

I messaged Kunal Ganjawala (singer) sir to come on board, and then I believe the whole drill started.  I got the opportunity to rap, as well. The team effort has been great; we all enjoyed shooting for the song. The editing was done in the room itself adhering to the lockdown rules. We had 450 cuts and several other technical aspects of making the song look catchy. I am thankful to the producers and everyone who were associated with this song.


Can we see Manish and his wife Sangeita doing a romantic number anytime soon?

Why not? I would love to do a romantic number with my wife. And we are rightly quipped and all up for a crazy video. But before taking up anything, It has to strike us, as her (my wife) opinion matters.

Is he fond of remixes?

I'm not biased about music. Sometimes remixes sound better, and sometimes I like the original. I listen to everything that suits me and nourishes my soul.


On Sushant Singh Rajput's demise

I am deeply hurt and saddened by Sushant's death. He was a warrior; a real-life hero and has set an example for many. After his death, I am hearing that a lot of people are committing suicide. Some of my friends call me and share their weak moment or the state of mind they are in. And I am glad they showed the courage and suppressed this phase of having any negative thoughts in the brain. We all are going through crisis and hardships and being mentally healthy, and sharing is of utmost priority. I only want to say that Sushant had a weak moment, and this happened, which was unfortunate. He was a great guy; there is so much to learn from him. Let us follow his path of success, achievements, hard work and perseverance and make his soul happy.

He continues 

Manish Raisinghan

The other day I was scrolling Sushant's social media account looking at the pictures, his studies, his bucket list and noticed after Sushant's death, he has got a bump in his followers. The biggest take away from this is loving the person when he is around. Be there for them when they need it. Don't just post on social mediaDo not ignore phone calls. May be the person who has called you wants to share. the world deserves more positivity at this time.

Update on shoots

Shoots are on at my friend's place. I will be creating some engaging pieces of stuff. We, as actors, should channelise ourselves and keep doing something or the other. I am a restless soul and like to keep experimenting.