In a movie-style chase, Mangluru's assistant sub-inspector, Varun Alva chased down a mobile phone thief. The whole incident was caught on camera while the ASI Alva chased down the thief for more than a kilometre. The cop who diligently did his duty was later rewarded with Rs. 10,000 by the Mangluru Police.

Mangluru Police

The Great Chase

Prem Narayan Yogi, a granite worker from Rajasthan, was sleeping near Nehru Maidan when Harish Poojary (32) grabbed his phone from him, according to the police. Yogi yelled for assistance, and the crowd began chasing Poojary. A police squad was on the scene, including Alva. Officers said Alva chased down Poojary and apprehended him despite his gang's attempts to create distractions.

Mangaluru Thief
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The entire incident was captured on a cellphone camera. The second culprit, Shamanth (20), was apprehended by other members of the police team, while the third, Rajesh, managed to flee. The Mangaluru city police commissioner issued a Rs 10,000 cash award for Alva on Thursday and congratulated him. According to a police officer, the investigation found that the accused operated throughout Mangaluru city and were involved in multiple thefts and robberies.