Mandy Madden Kelley
Mandy Madden Kelley

'Vulnerability is strength', believes Mandy Madden Kelley, whose skincare routine has taken the beauty influencer industry by storm. Mandy is a change-maker and her uplifting social media posts have helped many women adopt the holistic approach to skincare as self-care. She's a mother, and like many of us, is part of the balancing act of family, work, staying fit, and maintaining a healthy mindset through it all. One of the ways she maintains herself is by multitasking like a pro.

Mandy believes that she gets the best quality time with her adorable daughter Kaia as she focuses her undivided attention on her, and gets her best work done when she can specifically work (as opposed to trying to do both at the same time). She has also discovered that she is energized by using skincare as self-care, a way to multitask without giving lesser/divided attention to two important things.

Women, especially moms, can fall into the trap of burning the candle at both ends, and often put themselves last. It's important to remember, that self-care isn't a selfish act. We can care for others the best when we are well-rested and have taken great care of ourselves. This is how taking time to prioritize our skin can have a deeper impact than just a glowing and flawless complexion and the confidence that comes from loving our skin.

Mandy has perfected a flexible skincare regimen over time, with the help of the industry's best professionals, and will now be sharing what she's learned and practiced with her readers. She recently created a skincare guide for anyone who's just getting started with taking care of their skin (and soul), and it will soon be available for free on her website. She knows that there's a lot of information online and elsewhere regarding skincare and that it can be both confusing and overwhelming to know where to begin. In these times it is also difficult to differentiate between what works and what's a marketing gimmick.

In Mandy's free skincare guide, she shares how the combination of discipline and flexibility can give a maximum impact for great skin, steps for an ideal DIY at-home facial routine, how a skincare mentor can take your skin's health even further, and her favorite products to achieve best results. She also challenges her readers to include skincare into their lives as an opportunity to honor themselves, as opposed to one more stressful obligation on a seemingly endless to-do list.

Mandy believes in her mantra that women deserve self-love and quiet time. She is also an advocate for achieving beautiful skin by an effective and dedicated skincare routine.