Mandira Bedi has gone to Maldives to join the birthday celebration of Mouni Roy, who is celebrating her 35th birthday on Monday, 28 September. Now, their selfie video in which they are seen wearing swimsuits have gone viral.

Mandira Bedi and Mouni Roy Looking Hot in Bikini Dance
Mandira Bedia and Mouni Roy in Maldives.Instagram

"#happybirthday Mon!! I have SO SO so much love for you. ❣️When we met when we did, I never could imagine where you and I would be.. but here we are a little bit later.. and it's A Pyaar Ka Bhandaar!!!! Thank for being in my life and Haq-se now I'm in yours. You are stuck with my for life. ❤️There's someone I know who once taught me how to say it right!!![sic]" Mandira Bedi captioned the video.

In the video, Mandira Bedi reveals about reaching to Maldives to celebrate Mouni Roy's birthday. She claims, "So, I have had my nose tickled multiple times, I have travelled 15 hours to get to paradise for her birthday!!! Mouni, I love you! Happy birthday to you. There is no place I would rather be," She hugs and kisses the birthday girl with a comment, "No kissing on the lips!"

Mouni Roy laughs out and repeats the same line.

Responding to Mandira Bedi's post, Mouni Roy said, ""I WUVVVVV YOU SO MUCH MORE. thank you for being in my life.... thank you for loving me regardless of all my goods and bads... my dearest dearest M,"

They are also seen dancing in two-piece swimsuits. While Mandira Bedi sported a red-colour bikini, Mouni donned a black-colour bikini along with a half-sleeved shirt. Their dance in the swimsuits has now become the talk of the town.

Mouni Roy has gone on a vacation and sharing pictures and videos of her trip.