Actress Manchu Lakshmi who is the daughter of Telugu's versatile actress Manchu Mohan Babu carves her niche in Telugu OTT with her appearance in Netflix's Telugu anthology movie 'Pitta Kathalu'. Ever since the anthology movie started streaming on Netflix, Lakshmi is being lauded for her role in one of the episodes in Pitta Kathalu, which is directed by Tharun Bhascker.

Tharun Bhascker's Ramula in Pitta Kathalu

Manchu Lakshmi who portrays the role of 'Swaroopakka' in 'Ramula' from Pitta Kathalu, looks quite happy for the response she has been receiving from the audience. Manchu Lakshmi's acting in Ramula as an aspiring politician who struggles for power, is portrayed so well that some of the Telugu audience is comparing her with her father Manchu Mohan Babu.

Overwhelmed by one of those comparisons, Manchu Lakshmi took to her Twitter to express her gratitude. "There are a lot of memes made on me. Some you get amused, some you laugh, some you get irritated at & some you're amazed at their creativity. But this one sent chills down my spine. Not only because he is my father but he is an actor par excellence!", Lakshmi wrote.

Manchu Lakshmi added, "And to be compared to him & his acting and to have my picture next to him in a professional way gave me a lot of energy!!! Thank you for whoever did this part Red heart I will always try to be the best version of myself. #PittaKathalu #Swaroopakka".

"Playing #Swaroopakka was one of the most exciting things to happen in 2020. We pulled out all the stops right from dialogue delivery, to costumes to my personality. I am reading through all your comments and DMs, Grateful for all your love. #PittaKathalu", Lakshmi wrote on her social media profile on Monday.

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