Jesse Lingard, Manchester United, Europa League final, Ajax

When you play for the biggest clubs in the world, there will be criticism, especially when the club or country suffers a defeat and a player or players are blamed and slammed for their display across various social media and messaging platforms.

With the growing popularity of the social media and messaging platforms, fans and football lovers are bound to have their say, irrespective of the outcome of the match. Manchester United star Jesse Lingard is no immune to criticism.

Jesse Lingard is one player who loves to dance and have fun, on and off the pitch. The England international forward keeps sharing about his dance moves on social media platforms and he is even crticised for the same.

When Jesse Lingard broke into the first team, he was not creating impact regularly for Manchester United. He was not scoring goals like he did in the last season and that makes his job even more difficult. However, Jesse Lingard says he does not listen to his critics as he continues to work hard in the training sessions to further improve his game.

"When I was first in the United team, I wasn't scoring goals and I wasn't making an impact. Negativity comes with that. It's just about overcoming negativity. Blocking it all out," Jesse Lingard told Manchester United's official website.

"Now I don't care about people's opinions. As long as I'm performing, and the manager is happy, that is all that matters. They are the people that you trust the most. As long as you do your job, no negativity should come your way."

"My advice would be to concentrate on football. Things outside of football don't matter, it's all about when you are on the pitch," he said.

"You've got to stay concentrated and practice day in, day out, especially on your weaknesses. Stay loyal to it and keep working hard and take advice from the right people."