Wesley Warren
Wesley WarrenYouTube Screenshot

Wesley Warren, the man with a 132 pound scrotum, died on Friday 14 March, after suffering from a massive heart attack. He was known as the man with the 10-stone testicles.

The 49-year-old from Las Vegas passed away at the University Medical Center after complaining about a series of diabetes related infections.

Warren had long suffered from scrotal lymphedema, a rare disease that swelled his testicles with fluid, for which he underwent a surgery in 2013, where doctors removed his 132 lb of tissues in a 13-hour long operation.

Back in 2008, Warren had injured his right testicle, which eventually swelled, making him bedridden and unable to work. Warren gained fame after appearing in a documentary that featured his oversized organ. The documentary was telecast in Britain under the name 'The Man with the 10-stone Testicles'. He was also a guest on The Howard Stern Show and "Comedy Central".

He quickly began receiving offers from people. He noted that living a life with such difficulty is very challenging. "I couldn't get on a plane. I was too big to fit in an airplane restroom," said Warren.

Before his surgery, Warren used to wear hooded sweatshirts upside down in order to cover his scrotum. He reportedly suffered multiple heart attacks last week at the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas.

Doctors are unsure as to what actually caused Warren's condition. They refused to believe that his condition was due to an injury. Diagnosis of his testicles suggested that the condition was transmitted by a mosquito that originated from Asia, Central America or Africa, where Warren had never been to.

It is also unclear if the cause of death is related to the 132 pound scrotum and the surgery.