NASCAR is one of the most popular racing events in the United States. So a bomb threat against any venue hosting the event is taken quite seriously. A South Carolina man was arrested for allegedly threatening to detonate an explosive device at Darlington Raceway, where the suspended NASCAR season is set to restart on May 17.

Darlington County Sheriff's Investigators said that Michael Donovan Avin of Darlington phoned in threatening messages to the track on April 27. Michael Donovan Avin was arrested in Darlington on Wed. (W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center)

What would have prompted such a call is still beyond us. In the time of a global pandemic, the NASCAR event reportedly won't be having any live spectators. So the bomb threat was basically aimed at the racers as well as their teams perhaps. The complete details of the message have reportedly not been revealed.

NASCAR bomb threat
NASCAR bomb threatFox

The arrest warrant stated that it "described a possible explosive device (sp.) and the results it may create to further his cause."

What that cause is, is still unclear. Apparently, Mr. Vain seems to have reportedly also called another Darlington County location and claimed to have access to 125 tons of bomb-making materials.

If true, he could have caused a lot of damage and hurt a lot of people. Avin is being held on a multitude of charges like possession as well as an act of terrorism not resulting in death.