A couple of days back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens of the nation to dispel coronavirus darkness by lighting candles or diyas at 9.00 pm on April 5, after switching off electric lights in houses. The suggestion from PM Modi received mixed reviews from all corners, and many critics claimed that people who are not aware of the current situation will celebrate Diwali at 9.00 pm today.

Mammootty supports PM Narendra Modi

In the meantime, Mollywood megastar Mammootty has come forward and has extended his support to Narendra Modi. In a recent post on his Facebook page, Mammootty urged everyone to follow the words of Modi and added that the act of lighting diyas or candles is symbolizing the unity of this nation.

Mammootty urging to support Narendra ModiFacebook

"India is now united and is fighting against a dreaded pandemic like Covid-19. As per the request from our prime minister, everyone will be lighting lamps in their houses at 09.00 PM. I extend my support to this noble act, and I believe it will once again affirm the unity and strength of our nation," said Mammootty in the video.

Mammootty receiving widespread criticism

it should be noted that Mammootty has been an open supporter of the communist party for years, and the star's favorable comments on Narendra Modi has not gone well with many of his followers. Many of his fans now argue that Mammootty has slowly started proclaiming right-wing extremism by supporting a person like Narendra Modi.

In the meantime, a section of social media users has started claiming that Mammootty is supporting Modi to halt a probable Income Tax raid that may happen in his residence. 

Earlier, Mohanlal was trolled on social media after he supported Narendra Modi's request to clap hands on the Janta Curfew day. As Mohanlal extended his support to the prime minister, many people claimed that he is aiming a Rajya Sabha ticket in the coming years.