And it's finally here! Priyanka Chopra has revealed Malti Marie Chopra Jonas' face to the world. And she is every bit of a tiny diva as her mother. Priyanka was attending the event of husband Nick Jonas and his brothers receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And Priyanka took this moment to show off her little ray of sunshine to the world.

Priyanka Chopra with Malti Marie Chopra Jonas
Priyanka Chopra with Malti Marie Chopra JonasInstagram

Malti Marie's face revealed

Little Malti Marie was seen in a beautiful white dress and a white headband too. Priyanka held her in her arms and flaunted her one-year-old baby girl to the world. Prior to this, Priyanka and Nick had been keeping the face of their baby girl hidden from the world. In a recent interview with Vogue, Priyanka opened up about facing medical complications and unable to conceive.

Meaning of Malti Marie

PeeCee had also revealed that her surrogate was a lively, bubble person and they are grateful to her for carrying their baby for six months. Malti is reportedly a sanskrit word that means fragrant flower. It also means moonlight. Marie comes from the Latin word which means star of the sea. It is also the French version of the Mother Mary.

Priyanka on motherhood

"As a new parent right now, I keep thinking about that I will never be imposing my desires, fears, my upbringing on to my child. I have always believed that children come through you not from you. There is no belief like this is my child and I will shape everything. They come through you to find and build their own life. Recognising that really helped me, my parents were very non-judgemental in a certain way," PeeCee had said in an interview with Lilly Singh.