Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora (Source: Malaika Arora Instagram)

It's not just us, even Malaika Arora fears of ageing by the time the coronavirus vaccine would come out. Malaika, who is currently under home quarantine after testing positive, had a witty take on the delay in the making of the COVID vaccine. Malaika Arora had informed about her health status a couple of hours after Arjun Kapoor. Arjun also had taken to social media to inform everyone about being tested corona positive.

"Today I have tested positive for coronavirus but I want to inform you all that I am feeling fine. I am asymptomatic and following all the required protocols and will be quarantined at home as instructed by my doctor and authorities. I request all of you to stay calm and safe. Thank you for all your support. Much love, Malaika Arora," the dazzling diva had written on Instagram.

Today, in one of her Instagram stories, Malaika has pleaded to make the vaccine quickly before she ages. She wrote, "Koi vaccine nikaal do bhai varna jawaani nikal jayegi."

Malaika Arora
Malaika Arora.Malaika Arora Instagram

Even before Malaika had informed everyone of her health status, her test results had gone viral on social media. Sister Amrita Arora had slammed people sharing her test results. "New normal. In sickness but not in health? Is this ok? My sister's results have been posted on various WhatsApp groups, Facebook and other mediums! While she was hoping and praying for a negative test and was also preparing herself to get better this is what one has to deal with? How is this ok? What's has happened to us humans sad, sad state of affairs."

Amrita had further said, "Was posting her result of any use to anyone? She's a responsible citizen who would've declared it anyway. What's the perverse pleasure of making it a discussion and guessing how and when she got it, some going to the extent of saying she deserves it with laughing emojis! Why, why, why! The question is how did her report get out in the 1st place ... How was it ok to disregard a doc / patient confidentiality. Let's just respect what's happening in the world today and stop this ridiculous naming and shaming syndrome! Stop!"

Malaika and Arjun were even trolled by some heartless people over testing positive together. While many on social media made memes, many felt this was karma coming back onto the both of them.