Significant political developments will take place in Karnataka in days to come, said former Chief Minister and BJP MP, Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday.

Speaking to the media, Bommai launched a scathing attack and alleged that even Congress MLAs had turned against party leaders.

"The legislators are too ashamed to face the people, as there are no funds for the MLAs. The administration has deteriorated, officials are not listening to the government, and it has reached a point where one might question whether there is any government in the state at all," Bommai claimed.

"There is truth in BJP MP Govind Karjol's statement regarding dissatisfaction among state Congress MLAs. Govind Karjol is a senior leader in the BJP, with many years of political experience and a seasoned politician. He speaks with complete information," Bommai alleged.

Basavaraj Bommai,
Basavaraj BommaiIANS

Earlier, participating in a massive protest rally from the BJP's office to the AC office in Davanagere city, Bommai charged that the state Congress has burdened the poor and common people with price hikes.

"They have lost the moral authority to govern by increasing the prices of petrol, diesel, and other essentials. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah should resign," he said.

He criticised the state government, claiming that for the past year, it has been adopting anti-poor and anti-common people policies.

He accused the government of driving the state into economic bankruptcy and pushing Karnataka back by 10 years.

"To win votes, the government has burdened the poor in the name of guarantees, imposing a debt burden of Rs 1.05 lakh crore on the people of the state. Initially, they increased motor tax, liquor prices, and stamp duties. Now, they have hiked petrol and diesel prices. This government has no moral right to govern the state," he asserted.

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