Mahie Gill

It was just yesterday that the news of Mahie Gill revealed that she has a daughter with her live-in boyfriend and ever since then, the actress has continuously been on trends. Mahie, who is known for her impactful and bold performances in films like Dev D and Saaheb, Biwi aur Gangster; revealed that her daughter, Veronica, would turn three-years-old next month.

Talking about why or whether she kept it a secret, Mahie Gill opened up in an interview with Mid-day and said, "It wasn't a secret. A lot of people knew about it and I used to roam out in the open but nobody saw me. I am a very private person and I just don't like to talk about my life, unless asked. It's just that I never spoke about her. It so happened, that somebody asked me this question and I spoke about it. Even now, if I wasn't asked about it, I wouldn't have said anything. Not that I was hiding her (Veronica). It's just that it wasn't there in the newspaper."

Talking about when would she share the picture of her daughter with the world, Gill said, "I am getting a lot of calls for her pictures (laughs). I will eventually share her picture. I don't know how, haven't thought about it. It just happened all of a sudden. Since two days, I can only hear Veronica, Veronica around me. Let me see if I want the pictures to come out."

Mahie Gill would soon be seen in Family of Thakurganj, a film about a family where everyone is a rowdy. Mahie, who was also seen in Dabangg 2, shares that she wouldn't be a part of Dabangg 3 as it is a prequel.