Mahat touches Yashika's butt
Mahat Raghavendra and Yashika's proximity raises eyebrows.A screen shot from a promo

Mahat Raghavendra has been slammed by Bigg Boss Tamil ans over his proximity with his co-contestant Yashika Aannand. Friday's episode (June 29), saw public fuming over some of his gestures.

Mahat's behaviour with the young girls in the house has often come under public scanner, but in the latest episode, he apparently touched Yashika's hips, a gesture that has not gone down well with the conservative viewers.

Mahat and Yashika were having a conversation on a bed in the presence of Aishwarya, Shariq and Thadi Balaji when he touched her hips, but Balaji tried to stop him from crossing his limits. Mahat then joked that he was testing her mic.

Although Mahat's intention may not have been wrong and the actress might not have objections to his behaviour, but people seem to be uncomfortable watching such scenes in Bigg Boss Tamil

If this was not enough, there was even a conversation about Yashika and Mahat Raghavendra on giving her a treatment in bathroom. This has lead viewers to wonder if the series is a family show or a programme meant for adults. 

These instances have earned him the tag of a "pervert". People predict his behaviour in the show might affect his personal life once he is out of Bigg Boss house. 

Here, we bring you the memes and tweets posted by the upset netizens on the social media site:

nalini ❤: all four of u really dono how to behave in a tv programme..really u all spoil this prgrm in this season.. familyodu paaka mudiyama seiyuringa..romba asingama irku pakave!Worst!

Beyourself: #BiggBossTamil2 . It looks like #mahat cane in BB to earn fame by attracting girl viewers,so he s busy in flirting Nd creating sympathy by telling old love stories. Playing nice strategy to become like STR.But paavam he failed in itAll girls are not stupid to follow him blindly

Dinesh Rajendran: Seriously, #Mahat trying to touch her hips, butt & #yash mildy stroking his knees, why do they get to telecast these shits?
She's is still in #IAMK mood & #Mahath 's proving he's the greatest perv of all times

Puvaneswari Mogan: #BiggBossTamil2 exactly. Trust me, im watching this show after my whole family slept. I watch all alone like 18sx show because none of family members interested. #mahat, #shariq, #aishwarya & #yadhika the worst .. @ikamalhaasan mundincha yethacum pannunge.

Đháru: Yuck #Mahat is touching #Yashika Abruptly n that woman didn't say a word @vijaytelevision Where Ur standards gone? Family show turned out to be Family Making Show #BiggBossTamil #BiggBossTamil2

Kiranya CG: #Mahat you're the male version of #Vaishnavi
run around gossiping all the time!
So stop judging Vaishnavi you Pervert

LG: You idiots really misunderstood this show and came here.. it's not the show about how great u can flirt and do some sexy acts...u r bunch of loosers #Mahat #yashikaanand #iswaryadutta #ShariqHassan #biggbosstamil2

Dev anand: #Mahat #BiggBoss2Tamil to his parents/ have raisen a worst person to this world.
I wanna knw how you feel while watching ur kid mahat's pervert bitchy like behaviour in bb house. How tis fellow had a gf in real life! Uwaaaak

Sarath: I hate biggboss to the core only because of this irritating idiot Mahat.. Kamal sir pls neengatha ivanuku oru mudivu katanum.. @ikamalhaasan #Mahat #BiggBossTamil2 #BiggBoss2Tamil