Actor Madhavan is on a spree promoting his debut directorial venture Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. The actor was part of the Indian team represented at the 75th Cannes Films Festival in May. However, a video clip of Madhavan claiming that ISRO has used Hindu panchagam successfully launch the PSLV C-25 rocket to Mars for India's Mars mission has gone viral.

Simran and Madhavan in Rocketry

In the video, the actor was seen explaining things in Tamil. And, the user who posted the video translates, "In case you do not understand Tamil the gist is—Indian rockets did not have 3 engines ( solid, liquid and cryogenic) that helps western rockets propel themselves into mars orbit. But since Indian lacked that they used all the information in the panchangam (hindu almanac). It has the celestial map with all information on the various planets, their gravitation pulls, sun's flares deflection etc, all calculated perfectly 1000's of years ago and hence the micro-second the launch was calculated using this panchangam info. The rocket was launched, it went around the earth, moon and Jupiter's moon and ricochet like a play thing and put into Mar's orbit. ."

Well, it looks like Maddy's explanation didn't go well with the netizens. One user wrote, ""Such a disappointment to see the man, who was once a poster boy of Tamil romantic movies turn into a WhatsApp uncle." Another user wrote, "R.Madhavan has officially become a whatsapp uncle from a chocolate boy."

The film is all set to hit the screens on July 1. The story revolves around the life and struggle of scientist Narayan Nambi, a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organisation, who was falsely accused of espionage. Made simultaneously in Tamil and Hindi, Shah Rukh Khan and Suriya has done important cameos in the film. Maddy in a recent interview revealed that both the actors refused to charge a penny for their roles.