Charanjit Singh Sehmbi
Charanjit Singh Sehmbi

If you are reading this blog then congratulations, you have crossed the very first barrier of taking the firm decision of turning your life around for good. Weight loss is a lengthy and constant process which requires dedication and strong will. When you are first starting out it is always necessary to find a proper fitness regime which has surety to work. Rather than going for quick internet searches or random advice of your friend it is better to follow a professional fitness coach like Charanjit Singh Sehmbi. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is widely known for his expertise on weight loss programs and creating fitness regimes. Here are his five golden pieces of advice which are very effective to maintain fitness and lose weight.

Be realistic on approach – This is very important as stress is a very important factor contributing to bad diet and obesity. Always go for target weight than keep reducing to maintain positivity. One common misconception is being fit only means having a muscular body, No! it is totally wrong. Being fit means having good metabolism and total balance of all nutrients as you will lose muscle as you age but a proper health will extend your youth.

Focus on a proper diet – A proper diet does not mean eat till you feel your stomach is full or stop eating food to lose quick weight. It means having a proper amount of vitamin, minerals and protein which fulfil your daily requirement. Sudden drop in daily intake of food is often very disastrous for our body and chugging on protein powder may lead to health complications.

Always keep your body full of necessary nutrients – Now that you know the necessary nutrition requirement for your body it is must that you always keep it up regularly. It means a timely food and important food supplements which fill up the nutrition gaps in your regular diet. Avoid junk food, never compromise on it.

Do not stop at any cost – Weight loss is a lengthy process. Never trust a shortcut which claims to give you results in 2-3 weeks. Those are always false or you will bounce back after some time. Not only do you need to lose weight, but also maintain the loss while keeping your body healthy.

Physical workout – Although diet and nutrition will help you shed weight, physical workout can make a whole lot of difference. It not only speeds up weight loss but also makes you stronger.

So these are five rules everyone should follow to maintain a healthy body. You can read more about it at Charanjit Singh Sehmbi' s blogs and social media.