Constraining locust swarms is no simple task.Twitter

Amid the rising cases of Coronavirus, the locusts have arrived in Lucknow creating panic among the residents of the city.  On July 12, Sunday, netizens took to social media and shared visuals as swarms of locusts created havoc in the city. 

According to reports, Mahanagar residents beat 'thaalis' and burst fire crackers as the locusts approached their houses. 

On Saturday, July 11, a swarm of locusts has left behind a trail of destruction in half a dozen blocks of Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur district. Farmers and officials of the administration scared away the locusts out of the fields by clanging thalis and producing sounds, however not before crops in more than half a dozen areas of the district including Machhehata, Misrikh, Khairabad, Biswan, Mahmudabad, Pisawan were destroyed.

Netizens panic, share visuals of locust attack in Lucknow

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