The national lockdown, although quintessential, has been taking a rough toil on daily human life. From children to old age, people have been equally suffering from the stringent lockdown measures that suffocate them as unexpected crisis befalls.

Bengaluru police extends support to the needy
Bengaluru police extends support to the needy Deccan Herald

The health crisis, in addition to that caused by the novel coronavirus infection, has been the most prominent disconcertment for many. With travel ban imposed on the vehicles and medical stores, particularly in rural areas running out of their medical stocks, the needy are put through in high tumult until a proper solution is found.

Police force: The superheroes 

As a helping hand for the needful, the police personnel have been working throughout, travelling distances to help them get the most essential things of the hour, viz. medicines, food items, etc.

The Bengaluru Police force has been widely lending their hands for the sufferers during the Covid-19 lockdown. From helping the senior citizens to feeding the poor, the Bengaluru cops have proved their selfless servicing amid these struggling days.

They have yet again won the appreciations for their relentless assistance, this time, over the state borders. A two-year-old boy in Chennai, suffering from severe epileptic encephalopathy was in an urgent need of a medicine Sabril Vigabatrin, 500 mg; which unfortunately was unavailable in his nearby stores.

Aru Bothra tweets on the need of medicines
Aru Bothra tweets on the need of medicines Twitter

The need for the imported medicines was tweeted by Arun Bothra when a Bengaluru resident, Shankar Raman responded with a grateful gesture of sharing the medicine strips.

The medicines, says the DCP to International Business Times, India, were sent to Chennai with the help of Riders Republic, an association of bike enthusiasts on Monday (April 27) morning, which reached Chennai at around 3 pm.

Riders Republic on mission to Chennai

Raman's daughter was also prescribed for the same medicines and the man, therefore, had enough stock of it at home. Bengaluru Northeast division DCP Dr Bheemashankar S Guled immediately took over the duty to transfer the medicine all across Bengaluru to Chennai.

As the police force could not rent their vehicle for the service, considering the large needs within the city, the fraternity along with the Riders Republic has engaged in sending the medicines, which was delivered to the two-year-old today afternoon.

Bengaluru NE DCP tweets on delivery of medicines Twitter
Bengaluru NE DCP tweets on delivery of medicines Twitter

The bikers association, formed by a group of men in their early thirties have earnestly teamed up with the Bengaluru police in helping them reach the emergency things for these days. A special helpline has been arranged at the DCP's office for providing the easiest delivery in such emergency situations, said the DCP.

The police officers with help of doctors are confirming the essential need of the medicines to those people who approach the personnel. Immediate actions are then taken considering the risk of the situation.

Shankar Raman tweets on delivery of medicines
Shankar Raman tweets on delivery of medicines

Medicines in need in Bengaluru too

According to the DCP, they have been engaged in services across the city and state, and haven't encouraged a state-wide transfer of medicines apart from a service to Kerala where a former Army officer, now a cancer patient was highly in need of his medicines.

The Riders Republic was the carriers of the medicines to Kerala too.

The two-year-old boy meanwhile, was highly in need of the medicines, says the DCP. Additionally, he added, two strips of the same medicine were also in need for a patient in Kundalahalli too. Shankar Raman who had earnestly donated the medicines for the Chennai boy, readily provided another set of strips for the patient in Kundalahalli too, which was delivered by 3 am on Monday morning.

Bengaluru NE DCP tweets on delivery of medicines Twitter
Bengaluru NE DCP tweets on delivery of medicines Twitter

The DCP also extended his heartfelt gratitude to PSI Ningaraj, the Sub Inspector of Jeevan Bheema Nagar police station for his excellent work in delivering the medicines to Kundalahalli even at the wee hours of the day.