Amid the lockdown, many celebrities are doing what they can to keep up the productivity. The country is under lockdown and nobody can say it's been an easy transition. Deepika Padukone too is trying to make her moment under lockdown productive like the rest of us.

In her recent interview, the actress revealed what it's been like for her. She also got candid about living under lockdown, what she was doing on a daily basis. Moreover, she spoke about how her husband, Ranveer Singh was making it even easier for her.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh
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Deepika Padukone's life under lockdown

As India grapples with the steadily and rapidly increasing number of Coronavirus cases, the population is trying to adapt to the lockdown. Life has changed for everybody in the country and across the globe. Celebrities too have been adjusting to these new living requirements.

In her recent interview with Rajeev Masand, Deepika Padukone revealed that she has been constantly trying to find something to do and keep busy even if they must live under lockdown. She said while she isn't bored because she's finding things to do continuously, she is running out of ideas to post on social media. She's been cleaning and labelling spices, and watching a movie every night. She called herself the "Indian Marie Kondo," which is a bold statement to make.

She addressed the recent backlash against workout videos but she said Deepika and Ranveer Singh have been working out as it helps them feel good. The actress said that it was not about looking good but more about feeling good. 

When asked about how Ranveer Singh has been, Deepika answered, "I have to say he's the easiest person to live with, in this scenario because in 24 hours he's sleeping for about 20 hours which really allows me time to do things that I want to do I play my music, I do my cleaning. And then for the 4 four hours, he's awake we're either watching a movie, eating, exercising. So you know he's a real joy to be with." She further added that he never goes into the kitchen.

Deepika Padukone then called dibs on the next episode in her series on Instagram, for a video on her doing laundry. She said Katrina Kaif had stolen her idea of washing dishes a few days back, but Deepika said Katrina had stolen another idea of sweeping. She said, now she's going to post on laundry next before anybody else takes it up. At least we've got a spoiler.