Kamal and Riythvika in Bigg Boss Tamil 2
Riythvika hugging Kamal Haasan after announcing that she is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 2.Twitter

Riythvika is the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, while Aishwarya Dutta is the runner-up. Vijayalakshmi is the second-runner up and Janani Iyer has ended at the fourth place in Vijay TV's popular show. Who is Riythvika? Complete Details about the Winner

There were four finalists in the grand finale. Janani was eliminated on Saturday, leaving Vijayalakshmi, Riythvika and Aishwarya Dutta in the final battle.

Vijayalakshmi was first evicted as Aarav entered the house to bring one inmate out of the show. Finally, Kamal Haasan entered the house and brought the two finalists on stage.

Riythvika has won Rs 50 lakh prize along with a trophy. The actress thanked people for voting her. The 26-year old claims that she wants to be an inspiration to women. The winner said that one need to fight their fears and be confident apart from having fighting spirit to taste the victory.

Mamathi Achari, Ananth Vaidyanathan, Nithya Balaji, Ramya NSK, Shariq Haasan, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Mahat Raghavendra, Daniel Anne Pope, Aishwarya Dutta, Sendrayan, Mumtaz, Thadi Balaji, Yashika Aannand, Riythvika and Janani Iyer had entered the house on June 24.

Vijayalakshmi is the wild-card entrant who joined the Kamal Haasan-hosted show on the 67th day.

With Riythvika winning the trophy, the curtains for the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 has been dropped on Sunday, September 30

Here, we bring you the live updates of the grand finale:

12.03 pm: Aishwarya thanks the Tamil viewers for supporting her. The actress says that she had a great experience.
12.02 pm: Riythvika thanks people for voting her. The actress claims that she wants to be an inspiration to women. The winner claims that one need to fight their fears and be confident apart from having fighting spirit to taste the victory.

11.53 pm: Riythvika is the winner of second season of Bigg Boss Tamil and Aishwarya as ended at the second place.
11.41 pm: Riythvika and Aishwarya on stage.
11.24 pm: Kamal Haasan is inside the house. He asks the two contestants how they are feeling. He prepares coffee for them.
11.16 pm: It is an emotional moment for the final two. They are set to leave the house.
10.49 pm: People's favourite Oviya is here. The guests ask questions to her. When she is asked whether she is still in the relationship with Aarav, she says that she is having "a healthy relationship" with him.
10.40pm: Vijayalakshmi and Janani gets mobiles. Kamal Haasan turns generous as he sponsors mobiles for the remaining contestants.
10.35 pm: Nithya gets Best Leader, Balaji Best Comedian, Yashika Best Dancer and Best Performer in Task, Danny Gets Best Cook, etc.
10.30 pm: Kamal Haasan presents awards for each contestants that best suits their characters.
10.15 pm: Vijayalakshmi is grateful to Bigg Boss and says that it was a great experience.
10.13 pm: Vijayalakshmi eliminated from Kamal Haasan's show. Now, the battle for the trophy is between Aishwarya and Riythvika.
10.07 pm: Aarav enters the house. He will take on contestant out of the show. Teaser says it is Riythvika.
10.00 pm: Mahat apologuses to Mumtaz and her brother for all the drama that happened inside.
9.58 pm: Mumtaz tells her that once they come to the show they should be open for criticism from the public. Finally, Kamal Haasan intervenes and asks the inmates to maintain decorum.
9.56 pm: Nithya accusses Mumtaz fans of abusing her badly using foul language and she responded out of anger.
9.50 pm: Mumtaz's brother asks Nithya's intention behind liking the negative messages against Mumtaz and treating her badly.
9.47 pm: Mahat''s girlfriend Prachi Mahat Raghavendra is here.
9.42 pm: The family members of the contestants will now question the finalists.
9.33 pm:
 A picture of Riythvika with the winner's trophy is leaked and Aishwarya's fans say she is the true winner
9.21 pm: The comedy sequence is top class. Very funny. It was a hilarious episode filled with many ROFL moments.
9.11 pm: An interesting skit imitating the behaviours of the inmates.
9.06 pm: A picture of Riythvika holding the trophy is leaked online. Crawl down to see the picture.

8.58 pm: A 'kurum padam' (special video) of all the inmates. A compilation of heated moments in the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil 2.
8.56 pm: Kamal Haasan says that neither him nor the audience like strategies.
8.50 pm: A Role reversal. Kamal Haasan responds to the questions asked by the eliminated contestants. Sendrayan asks him what if he was told to recreate Aishwarya's garbage throwing episode on Balaji. The host gives witty reply by stating that he endorses Swach Bharat campaign.
8.39 pm: Aishwarya is the Real Winner, says her fans
8.35 pm: Baahubali actor Rana Daggubati to take part in the finale.
8.26 pm: Time for a performance. The eliminated contestants enter the stage with performance one after the other.
8.13 pm: Three finalists look gorgeous in their colourful outfits. Now, they are facing direct questions from the viewers.
8.08 pm: Kamal Haasan takes the stage. He says that all the inmates are equal to him. He does not dislike anyone and holds no anger against anybody.
8.01 pm: The last part of the finale takes off with a performance.
7.54 pm:
 The teasers show Riythvika walking out of the house with Aarav. Is she out of the show? Is a surprising winner on the card? Wait and watch. Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu? Here is the answer

In one of the teasers of the grand finale released on the social media pages of Vijay TV shows, Mumtaz and Nithya are seen having a serious argument. On telling that the former has no rights to talk about her relationship with her hubby, the latter retorts her by saying, "You brought your family and personal lives before the audience. In that case, you should be prepared to get negative comments that come along with it. "

On Saturday's episode, Janani Iyer was shown the door from Bigg Boss Tamil 2.