Amid intense speculation about a possible leadership change in Karnataka, several seers of the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community on Friday decided to organise religious heads convention on Sunday (July 25) in what is seen as sending out a loud and clear message to BJP party high command not to remove Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa.

This convention is seen as a last ditch effort to save Yediyurappa from resigning after July 26. Yediyurappa had maintained that he has not received any message from party high command till date but he was in anticipation of their message on July 25 (Sunday) evening, and until then he would be performing his duty.

CM Yediyurappa
Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa (file photo)@BSYBJP/Twitter

After a meeting with like-minded seers here, Sri Dingaleshwar Swami, the seer of Balehosur Matha, told reporters that a group of pontiffs belonging all sects will be meeting on Saturday to deliberate on the agenda of the Sunday's convention.

"This will be the first of its kind, and deliberate on a host of several issues that are bogged down by various communities in the state. Besides, it may also discuss the present political scenario as well," he said and added that the daylong deliberations by seers on Saturday will finalise the agenda of the convention.

Another prominent Lingayat seer, Rudramuni Sri of Tiptur Matha, said that Lingayat Mathas have given their own contributions to the society and whenever there is "confusion" prevails in society or in the state, people do look towards religious heads to sort out such confusion.

To sort out confusion

"Our prime agenda will be in the welfare of the society and state... nothing else. It is not in favour or against anyone," he said cryptically but added that the convention would speak on the present political turmoil in the state too. Answering to a question, Dingaleshwara seer that there is nothing wrong in religious heads speaking on political issues.

"There is no such thing that separates religion or philosophy. We religious heads do visit politicians to get works done for the welfare of society so, in turn, politicians meet us to seek guidance. There is no difference. Even going by your (media) speculation that we are holding a convention to seek extension of term for Yediyurappa, what is wrong in it?" he asked.