Anushka, Rajinikanth & Sonakshi Sinha
Anushka, Rajinikanth and Sonakshi Sinha at "Lingaa" music launch.IB Times India

Music of the much-talked-about movie "Lingaa" starring Rajinikanth, Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Shetty in the lead was released today amongst a fair degree of media attention at Sathyam, Chennai. The event was attended by cast and crew of the movie and the other leading film personalities.

The music of the movie which is composed by AR Rahman had garnered mixed reviews from the critics as well as the fans. Among the audience, the response towards the songs stands divided. While ardent fans of Rahman believe the songs are good, another section reviews them as the poorest of his albums.

Some listeners say the songs are like slow poison where you taste the beauty of the songs slowly. These fans cite the example of songs of movies like "Robot" and "Sivaji" which had received an average initial response and later became highly-popular songs.

However, the general opinion about the songs is that the audience had too much expectations from the maestro for this film, which failed to cater to his listeners.

Here are some of the reviews of the song by listeners:

"Mr. Rahman, what I can say about you. 23 years of musical extravaganza, each time [sic] different, new, mesmerising but just amazing. Spectacular! Wonderful! Blissful! No adjective can do justice to the talent of Mozart of Madras. Undoubtedly he is the emperor of music. Truly he is the best, versatile and the greatest music composer in the history of world music. In the first listening I thought only 'Mona' song is great and Unmai song is average. Then realised 'Oh Nanbaa' song is just awesome. After a while I felt 'En ManaWane' and 'Indiane Vaa' are the best songs in the album. Now I feel 'Unmai' song is one of the best in the ARR carrier. Overall I think this is one of the best musical albums in the history of Tamil cinema." - Rosh

"People who say ARR songs are slow poison, i agree. But i doubt if [sic] these were composed by Oscar Nayagan himself."- Gokul Raj

"People dont ask [sic] Rahman 90s song..songs are making for the movie.. so wait and see all dislikes....its slow poison...when movie out songs will be super hit...especially Mona Gasolina..." – Haris Haneefa

"What happened to ARR for composing [sic] such lousy and boring album. Even the trailer looks very much animated and more of a fantasy movie. The SPB mass song sounds so flat and hope the director can lift it up with visuals. Well ARR is only flesh and blood and not God as some depict the name of God by comparing him to God with such foolish comments. Always keep one thing in mind kings and kingdoms will come and go same as people. Lousy composition and none of the songs have a punch and wrong choice of singers." – Abba

"Songs are good..ARR songs are slow poison as always...remember Robot songs [sic] got average opinion initially...later till date songs are remembered"- Aswin

"Being an ardent Rahman fan, I sincerely feel that this [sic] is the most weakest album of Rahman till date for Rajinikanth.. every song falls flat and gives a deja vu feel except for mona gasolina.....There seems to be have been a big confusion on part of Rahman whether to play to galleries or maintain it for international standards ending up with messy and disjointed songs unlike I or Kochadaiyaan..... This is my honest opinion and i am disappointed to the core after having to wait for long..." - Nagappan Subrahmanian