The words 'chor', 'thief' and 'liar' got the better of Pakistan finance minister Ishaq Dar when an unidentified person called him all these names at a US airport.

In a video gone viral, Pakistan's finance minister can be seen being heckled by the unidentified person and also seen replying to him by calling him a 'liar' too. However, it is at the word 'chor' that the finance minister's aide lost his cool and propriety.

The aide first responds with a "shut your mouth" followed by "don't shout." After which, he uses a string of swear words and abusive language. The incident happened on Thursday at Dulles International Airport, US.

Ishaq Dar

Dar, 72 is accompanied by Pakistan's Ambassador to U.S Masood Khan and other officials. However, it is Mani Butt, the president of Pakistan Muslim League's Virginia chapter, who is seen exchanging profanities with the unidentified person.

Dar recently took over from Pakistan's former finance minister Miftah Ismail. He is in the US to attend a slew of meetings, including the annual general meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Not the first time for Pakistan

This is not the first time that Pakistan's ruling party has been met with cold reception or rude protestors abroad. The mounting debts have put the nation in a tight spot, with Pakistan's debt reaching new highs this year.

Faulty policies, depreciating currency, and political instability, accelerated by the pandemic and now the floods, have spelt economic gloom for the country. Currently, the nation's total debt stands at PKR 60 trillion.