Authorities of Belagavi district in Karnataka have declared holiday for 22 primary and high schools in this part of Karnataka on Monday following the movement of a leopard found in a residential area.

Holiday has been declared for schools in Belagavi city cantonment area and surrounding rural areas. The leopard seems to be prowling near the Golf Grounds and disappears near a private school campus.

The movement of the leopard has been captured by a private bus driver and the development has caused panic and tension among residents, especially parents and children.


The forest officials are on their job planning to trap the prowling leopard in a cage. The authorities have been trying to catch the leopard for 18 days after a construction labourer was attacked in Jadhavnagar of Belagavi city.


The leopard, which was not seen after the attack, has surfaced again. Taking no chances, Deputy Director of Education Department Basavaraja Nalatawada has declared holiday for schools.