It was on December 08, 2021, that India's defense chief General Bipin Rawat and 11 others died in a helicopter crash. The unfortunate incident happened near Coonoor in Tamil Nadu, leaving the entire nation in shock. However, some developments and comments appearing on social media platforms indicate that a section of people in the nation is celebrating the death news of the brave soldier who served India for more than four decades. 

Laughing emojis in Bipin Rawat's death news 

Soon after the death news of Bipin Rawat surfaced online, a section of netizens from Kerala posted laughing emojis, and they even claimed that India's top general is reaping what he had sowed. 

One social media user even went a step ahead and expressed his desire that Indian PM Narendra Modi should have been also present with Rawat inside that crashed helicopter. 

Army chief General Bipin Rawat

These comments made by a section of people are receiving largely negative responses from netizens. On social media platforms, they are urging the Kerala government to take strict actions against these anti-national elements who live freely within the state. 

Bipin Rawat
Bipin Rawat
Bipin Rawat

Growing extremism in Kerala goes unnoticed

A quick analysis on social media platforms clearly indicates that most of these anti-national comments are being made by people who live in Kerala. However, until now, the Pinarayi Vijayan-led CPI (M) government has not taken any action against these people who spread anti-national messages on social media platforms. 

Earlier, when the Taliban started its reign in Afghanistan, a section of people in Kerala literally celebrated the development, and they even called the militant organization 'Vismayam' (amazingly awesome). 

Even though several intelligence reports had hinted at the operation of sleeper cells within Kerala, the police department in the state has not bothered to initiate an investigation against these anti-national elements.