Sinking village
A view of road badly affected due to sinking of land in Ramban district of J&Ksocial media

Over a month after the visit of the team of experts of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), land sliding again started at Parnote village in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir.
As a huge chunk of the area has sunk during the last few hours, authorities stopped vehicular movement on the Ramban-Gool to avoid any mishap in this region which has been witnessing land sliding after repeated intervals.

"The Ramban-Gool road is once again closed due to significant land subsidence at Parnote. For everyone's safety, it's crucial to avoid traveling or walking in the area until further notice. Please stay updated and adhere to safety advisories", Deputy Commissioner Ramban Basheer-ul-Haq posted on his official social media account.

Reports said that teams have been deputed to Parnote village to assess the situation and assist the local administration in case shifting of villagers is required as a precautionary measure.
Due to the sinking of the nearly five-kilometer stretch on the Ramban-Gool road, over 60,000 population have been cut off from the district headquarters.

This area witnessed a huge landslide in the last week of April

Parnote and the adjoining villages of Ramban have been witnessing landslides and land sinking after repeated intervals. In the last week of April this year over 50 houses and crucial power infrastructure were badly damaged in this belt.

The landslide started on April 25 at Parnote village of Ramban district and continued for three days in this area which witnessed brisk developmental works including the widening of the road network and tunneling to connect Kashmir with the rail network.
The sinking land had triggered the development of cracks in homes and severed road connectivity between Gool and Ramban. Consequently, numerous families were compelled to seek refuge in safer locations.

Members of NDMA team

NDMA expert team surveyed the land subsidence-affected area of Pernote

On May 8 a team of experts from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), deputed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India started a comprehensive on-site survey of the land subsidence-affected area Pernote in Ramban District.

Led by Chief Scientist Prof. D.P. Kanungo from CBRI, the technical expert committee, comprising Dipali Jindal and Ranu Chauhan from NDMA, Vivek Coelho from UNDP, and Dr. Ravinder Singh from NIDM surveyed the area.

The team conducted a thorough examination of the reasons behind the land subsidence and the future threats in the area.
Chief Scientist Prof. D.P. Kanungo highlighted that the committee would submit a comprehensive report to the ministry suggesting measures for the sustainable development of the area.

The team will also propose precautions to prevent future losses caused by mudflow slides. Additionally, the team evaluated the feasibility of habitation and agricultural activities in the future.
The experts advised against entering the affected area for agricultural or habitation purposes until it is declared safe and stabilized.