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Director Ram Gopal Varma's Telugu movie Lakshmi's NTR has been released in the theatres in all the areas except Andhra Pradesh today and is gettting positive review and rating from the audience

Lakshmi's NTR is a biographical drama based on the life of former film actor and chief minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, NT Rama Rao. Ram Gopal Varma has co-written the script with Narendra Chary and co-directed it with Agasthya Manju. Rakesh Reddy and Deepthi Balagiri have produced it under Gun Shot Films, GV Films and 10,00,000 Productions. It has got a U certificate from censor board.

Lakshmi's NTR story: The film is based on factual events related to NTR after Lakshmi Parvathi came into his life. His love story intertwined with political conspiracies which unraveled at that time that led to his dethronement. It chronicles crucial events in NTR's life after he meets Telugu research scholar Veeragandham Lakshmi Parvathi, from his struggles as a widower to his remarriage to the division of his political party.

Analysis: The first half of the movie deals with the love story of NT Rama Rao and Lakshmi Parvathi and the narration is very slow and boring. But the film picks up the momentum before the interval and the second half is very interesting. Ram Gopal Varma has done a lot of research, which is visible in his screenplay, say the audience.

Performances: Lakshmi's NTR features newbies in the lead roles, but Ram Gopal Varma is successful in tapping out perfect acting from all of them. P Vijay Kumar, Yagna Shetty, Sritej and Aningi Rajasekhar's performances are the hilhlight of of the movie, say the viewers.

Technical: Lakshmi's NTR has been made with a small budget and its production values are not upto the mark. Its songs, background score, picturisation and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the film goers.

Lakshmi's NTR movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see audience's reaction:

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#LakshmisNTR: This RGV and Agasthya directed political movie depicts twilight years of late N T Rama Rao. Is more or less faithful to the political events (1990's) However, it is one-sided story that glorifies Lakshmi Parvathi to the hilt and paints CBN as cunning villain. #LakshmisNTR: It does have its moments, daringly showcases duplicity of close members & a media baron's role. P Vijay Kumar as NTR gets body language right. Kalyani Malik's BGM is huge asset. Slow narration and substandard production values are drawback.

RaJiV‏ @RajivAluri

#LakshmisNTR is a straight to point story narrated from Lakshmi Parvathi''s view. Seems like @RGVzoomin did not miss the target. Slow narration kills the excitement but few highpoints makes the film worth watching.

Bharath kiriti‏ @bharathkiriti

#LakshmisNTR - Firstly this man @RGVzoomin has all the guts to take on the current Chief minister of a state. This guts comes from speaking and conveying ty truth. #NTR would have been very happy to see this n would have loved #rgv for this. #LakshmisNTR - Music: Kalyani malik pull off a spectacular http://BGM.It came as a surprise to me as well.The songs were good enough too. From the beginning title to the credits, sound track has been fresh n superb. #LakshmisNTR Actors 1/1 : You talk about actors, Sri Teja fits perfectly and delivers good show as the Antagonist.The movie is all about the backstab of #cbn . He has done fairly a good job. Vijay Kumar has done all the hardwork for the protagonist role as NTR. #LakshmisNTR Actors 1/2 : Not to forget Yagna shetty as Lakshmi Parvati has also done fair job to her role. #LakshmisNTR : Not the best technical work u would see from a #Rgv movie as far as cinematography is concerned.This has a different style or making and story telling unlike the typical #Rgv movie #LakshmisNTR : This is more than a movie coz towards the end ,while leaving the theatre I hear "Jai Jagan" chants in the theater. #LakshmisNTR It was important to tell the story of Laksmi Parvati and NTR n their bond . Full marks to #rgv on this. I thought it was balanced well,First half being mostly abt their bond n latter comes the Political drama . #LakshmiNTR : Finally,its worth a watch coz truth is always worth, better late than never. I am in love with the BGM by Kalyani malik and Sritej as CBN. I can clearly say most part of the movie is not directed by #Rgv.

పినవ‏ @pnvarma

Sri Tej is the only actor in the film who did a good job as an actor. Never went overboard. No unnecessary melodrama. One can argue that it's the character sketch that has no place for over action but when you look at others in the film you'll know the difference. #LakshmisNTR

MyTollywoodMovies‏ @mytollymovies

@RGVzoomin's #LakshmisNTR is the most relevant and very original out of the three #NTR biopics. There is no doubt in saying RGV is back with a bang with Avery good movie. It is because of all new faces we only see characters but not actors. Must watch!

Krishna Vemuri‏ @vkrishnausa

Watched Ramgopal Varma,s #lakshmisNtr. Mind boggling!! One should watch for its superb cinematic art. After a while into the movie, you forget that your watching #Ntr's biopic and start feeling an adult #lovestory! It is from the viewpoint of #lakshmiparvati.

Bittu tweetz‏ @be_bITTU

@RGVzoomin interval scene... Elevation of NTR... Depth of da Scene and your taking.... Depicting the Charecter of Anna garu . #LakshmisNTR #ThanksRGV for your research

Khakha‏ @tippypower

1st half - @RGVzoomin appears to treat women like objects but he understood and portrayed Lakshmi Parvathi role deeply and sincerely. Extremely good so far #LakshmisNTR very well made movie. True tribute to NTR, finally someone told LP and NtR version of story and Can't believe @RGVzoomin directed this movie #LakshmisNTR

#FalaknumaDas‏ @vrsiddareddy

#LakshmisNTR While Coppola reinvented the crime movie by focusing more on the family bonding, RGV does exactly the same with Lakshmi's NTR. He flipped the script of a political drama in to a new age love story and a family drama. Hatsoff to his terrific vision.RGV is back.

Gochi Savitri‏ @gochi_savitri

Just finished watching #LakshmisNTR @RGVzoomin take a bow. You've made the old age's love story into a new age love story. Appreciate your guts to make this film.

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout

#LakshmisNTR is not only about the Love between NTR & Lakshmi,it's about how much RGV loves NTR. It's the most intense drama the master has done since sarkar. @yajnashetty delivers performance of her lifetime.@kalyanimalik31 sir is the backbone of the film. BOSS is BACK #LakshmisNTR is a tale of Wretched human motives & a story of the greatest Man that has ever walked this place. Powerful performances, incredible direction. The ending leaves u dazed and shocked!

Telugu Movie Zone‏ @telugufilmzone

Done with it Special Show In Hyderabad has been Completed. The Film has a gripping screenplay and outstanding controversial scenes, one should have guts to make a film like this.. Hats off to @RGVzoomin There is a release in Telangana and Overseas tomorrow. #LakshmisNTR

Harini‏ @IamHarini8

 USA Premiere #LakshmisNTR applauded 4 the screenplay,Dialogues,BGM,lyrics.The actors who played roles of LP and Babu lived in the skin of the character.2nd half is quite emotional,overall film is captivating with balanced elements @RGVzoomin @Sirasri @kalyanimalik31

Telugu Cinema Fun‏ @TCinemaFun

#LakshmisNTR 3/5 You have all that you are expecting in this movie , @RGVzoomin & his guts , no other film maker can dare to do this , first half is little slow , second half is the actual story , the entire episode of Vennupotu is the highlight of movie #NTR #RCBvMI