• Austin Mahone
    Singer Austin Mahone suffered from a blood clot and extreme inflammation in his throat in October 2013.Reuters
  • Mariah Carey
    Singer Mariah Carey was hospitalised for a dislocated shoulder in July 2013.Reuters
  • Elton John Condemns Homophobia During Concert in Russia
    Singer Elton John was treated for inflamed appendix and surrounding abscess in July 2013.Reuters
  • Carnie Wilson
    Singer Carnie Wilson was diagnosed with Bell's palsy in March 2013.Reuters
  • Singer Lady Gaga poses during a photocall before a news conference promoting her new album
    Singer Lady Gaga underwent a hip surgery in February 2013.Reuters
  • Rihanna
    Singer Rihanna suffered from fatigue and illness during a SNL rehearsal in May 2012.Reuters
  • Singer George Michael arrives at the High Court for the second day of his bid to break from Sony Music Entertainment October 19.1993
    Singer George Michael was hospitalised for a bout of pneumonia in November 2011.Reuters
  • John Mayer Goes the Miley Cyrus Route, Chops off His Luscious Locks After Katy Perry Split
    Singer John Mayer underwent a throat surgery in October 2011.REUTERS
  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez was suffering from iron deficiency in 2011.Reuters
  • Adele Ignores Bob Geldof's Band Aid Calls
    Singer Adele had polyps on her vocal cords and underwent a surgery in 2011.Reuters

Health problems have always forced the celebrities to take a break from their glamorous career and made their fans realise that they are not superheroes.

With the undisclosed sickness, pop singer Avril Lavigne becomes the latest one to join the list of singers, who dealt with different health problems while in limelight.

Let's have a look at popular singers, who suffered from various illnesses over the years:

Austin Mahone: Young American pop-singer Austin Mahone was treated for severe dehydration, extreme inflammation and blood clot in his throat in October 2013, reported Huffington Post.

Mariah Carey: American singer Mariah Carey underwent a surgery for dislocated shoulder in July 2013. 

Elton John: English singer Sir Elton Hercules John was treated for respiratory infection and inflamed appendix in July 2013. 

Carnie Wilson: American singer and television personality Carnie Wilson was diagnosed with Bell's palsy in March 2013. 

Lady Gaga: Pop icon Lady Gaga underwent a surgery for her hip injury in February 2013. 

Rihanna: Barbadian singer and fashion designer Rihanna was hospitalised for exhaustion in May 2012. 

George Michael: The British pop singer George Michael was suffering from pneumonia in May 2013.

John Mayer: American singer John Mayer had undergone a throat surgery in October 2011.

Selena Gomez:  Gomez was hospitalised for iron deficiency in 2011. "The Heart Wants What It Wants" singer was also rumoured to be suffering from Lupus. 

Adele: British singer Adele was suffering from polyps on her vocal cords in 2011.