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Laal Kaptaan

Making an unusual film with offbeat characters is always a welcome thing, but that can be a risky zone if the makers are not extra cautious. Saif Ali Khan's Laal Kaptaan is one such unique movies that had the potential to be a brilliant one, but falls short in certain aspects.


Referred as Gossain (Saif Ali Khan), a Naga sadhu, is out to take revenge against an old enemy Rehmat Khan (Manav Vij), who is a powerful Pathan warlord. While Gossain roams around various parts of the country as a bounty hunter, his ultimate goal is to find and kill his biggest nemesis.

As the East India Company grows its dominance in the country during 18th century, so does Rehmat Khan with aid from the British. However, Gossain remains unbothered and determined to take his revenge, which is the only way for him to get Moksha.

Whether the Naga Sadhu is able to kill the mighty Rehmat Khan, or the hunter himself gets hunted is for you to watch.

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Saif Ali Khan is one actor who we have seen is not afraid to take up risky roles. He sported the Naga Sadhu look quite convincingly, and his quirky antics are entertaining to watch too.

Manav Vij is another talented actor who pulls off the character of a merciless and disloyal warlord with great precision. Although keeps a calm face, his actions highlight his ruthlessness. Deepak Dobriyal also plays an interesting character, who has the unique ability to track down people by sniffing their trails. His character is rather a funny one.

Other supporting cast including Zoya Hussain and Simone Singh are good in their roles too. Sonakshi Sinha has just one scene in the film.

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Laal Kaptaan has a very unusual concept, and it is interesting to see Saif Ali Khan in the role of a Naga Sadhu. He is actually the best part of the movie. The film has some intense dialogues and scenes that are impressive. Cinematography is nice too. Editing is good also.

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Laal Kaptaan had the potential to be a brilliant film, but the makers failed to use it to the fullest. The film portrays the then powerful regime of Marathas in a very funny and unrealistic manner. The major ambush fight scene between Rehmat Khan's troop and the Marathas, involving a few men, appears like a small-time gang-fight between two teams.

It appears that the makers wanted to showcase several grand events of the 18th century, but were short of budget. Also, the film is unnecessarily dragged, making it monotonous at certain points.

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Although the performances are top-notch, the film lacks precision and the required budget. Although it has a unique plot, Laal Kaptaan is definitely not masala movie viewers' cup of tea. You can watch it for Saif's quirky avatar, but skipping it also won't be a loss.