The nude photos leak scandal refuses to stop. A slew of A-list actresses were attacked this year and hackers have found another target. After it was reported that British model Pregnant Danielle Lloyd's nude photos were leaked online, Twilight star Kristen Stewart nude photos have reportedly been hacked and shared online.

Kristen Stewart Katharine McPhee
Katharine McPhee and Kristen Stewart nude photos hacked and leaked onlineReuters

Appearing on Celeb Jihad, Gossip Cop reports that several personal photos featuring the actress posing nude and in provocative dresses were illegally published on the site. The website describes the photos revealing that Stewart is seen naked under the shower however her face is not shown.

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Stewart was not the only celebrity attacked on Monday. TMZ reports that Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods and Katharine McPhee's intimate photos were also hacked and leaked online by Celeb Jihad. Sources inform the site, "it wasn't Tiger's phone that was hacked, it was Vonn's. Tiger had sent Vonn the naked pic while they were dating." The photos are reported to be extremely graphic.

Like many other celebrities attacked by hackers this year, the golf star has also threatened a lawsuit against anyone who posts those pictures online. Woods has hired attorney Michael Holtz to threaten action against Celeb Jihad if it doesn't remove the intimate photos immediately.

While the lawyer refused to comment on the situation, he informed Page Six, "It is a private hacked photo." TMZ also reports that McPhee is taking legal help and issued a similar threatening letter. The hacker is yet to be identified.

The recent hackings are being identified as nude photo leak scandal and many are associating it with the infamous 2014 Fappening, terming it as Fappening 2.0. While the hacker involved in the 2014's Fappening was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison, nabbing the hackers, in this case, is the priority at the moment.

Kristen Stewart, Lindsey Vonn, Katharine McPhee and Tiger Woods join the long list of celebrity nude photos leak. The list also features Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, Kate Hudson and other celebs.