Telugu movie Krishna and His Leela is facing a backlash with its Hinduphobic content, hurting the religious sentiments of many people across India. This has upset many Hindus who are trending #BoycottNetflix on Twitter.

Krishna and His Leela is a romantic comedy film, which has a runtime of 2.05 hours and started streaming on Netflix from June 25. Written by Ravikanth Perepu and Siddu Jonnalagadda, the movie is about a guy named Krishna, who is torn between his past and present girlfriends. The confused bachelor's indecisiveness spins a web of lies and cheating as he struggles to commit.

Krishna and His Leela
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Siddhu Jonnalagadda has played Krishna, while Shraddha Srinath, Seerat Kapoor, and Shalini Vadnikatti appeared as his love interest named Sathyabhama Rao, Rukhsar and Radha, respectively. The film has impressed everyone with many raving about its entertainment. Everything was going in its favour, until a negative trend started doing rounds with a hashtag #BoycottNetflix on Sunday night.

Some Hindu audiences raised a red flag against the content of Krishna And His Leela and expressed their displeasure over Netflix streaming the web series with Hinduphobic content. They said that Krishna has sexual affairs with many women and one of them is named Radha. It is the audacity to openly target Hinduism with lies, deceit, and propaganda. It is an insult to Hindu gods.

A series of movies, including Paatal Lok and Rasbhari, have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, who had given a call for boycotting Amazon Prime Video. Now, they have given a similar call and started trending the hashtag #BoycottNetflix, which stands at fourth rank in the trending hashtags list on Twitter.

Here are some of Hindus' comments on Krishna and His Leela:

Shubham agarwal @OfficiRoctan

Hindus were never united that is why its happening all again. Yes, there was everything in our religion. But that does not mean you openly call someone krishna and radha and show SEX AND KISSES AND ALL. #BoycottNetflix

Paritush Choudhury @paritush_assam

Web Series #KrishnaAndHisLeelaOnNetflix showing #Krishna have sexual affairs with many women & one of them named as #Radha. The audacity to openly target #Hinduism wth lies, deceit, propaganda Why always insult our Gods? Because @NetflixIndia is Hinduphobic. #BoycottNetflix

Shubash Ch Debnath @ChShubash

Rapes happening in our country.The total 30 % share goes to erotic webseries available in the country. This time #netflix has crossed limits.They promote webseries where hindu gods and goddesses are insulted.#BoycottNetflix should not just be a trend. It should be banned by Court

Shubham agarwal @OfficiRoctan

Guys tweet again and again so that this trend should go up and people must see what is going wrong these days. Some so called "secular" hindus librandus cannot stop us. Tweet and tweet again. #BoycottNetflix

ashish a.Purohit @ashish41278620

#BoycottNetflix there is no respect for the hindu community thy jus want a controversial subject so that they get publicity then ppl will see it to find out wats the matter and they will make more money...hindu community had be more vocal and active in their approach #BoycottNetflix hindu community is too forgiving in nature and hence these rascals take opportunity to defame and insult our gods and people this to a a muslim god and there will be riots in the country ....all hindus should unite and call for action

Yogesh SutharĀ® @imyogeshsuthar

How do they make series without having knowledge about supreme personality godhead. Don't know how do they get approval ? Where's the humanity? Atleast be a Human being. @NetflixIndia @netflix Do you know about Krishna & his leela ? #BoycottNetflix

Rohit Gupta @yo_guptaji

But, someone should take appropriate actions. There are a lot of OTT platforms available with almost same issue. It should be censored. In the name of content one should not hurt the religious sentiments of a community. I won't say #BoycottNetflix

Ishita Biswas @ishistarx

Netflix done it again, Web Series called "Krishna & His Leela" showing Krishna have sexual affairs wth many women & one of them named as Radha. I request @NetflixIndia not to spread hatred in the name of religion. #BoycottNetflix #Hinduism