Thalapathy Vijay is one of the most valuable stars in Kollywood, and he is widely considered a demigod among his followers. The dialogues rendered by Vijay in his movies are being grasped as holy quotes by his fans, and they consider them as politically correct statements. Many movies of Vijay which were released recently including Kaththi and Sarkar dealt with several social issues, and the actor received appreciation for selecting scripts with social commitment. However, yesteryear movies of Vijay were not like this, and several movies oozed toxic male masculinity. 

Vijay insulted Asin for wearing a bra and panties

Sivakasi was a Tamil movie released in 2005. Directed by Perarasu, the film was a high-voltage commercial entertainer where audiences saw Vijay delivering punch dialogues for one reason or the other. However, there is a particular scene in the movie where Vijay insults Asin for wearing modern outfits, which he believes is against Indian culture. 

toxic masculinity in Kollywood
Stills from Sivakasi and MasterYouTube

In this particular scene, Asin can be seen groped by a thug, and Vijay manages to catch him. After this, Thalapathy starts his glorious teaching session, where he criticizes Asin for wearing shorts and sleeveless. 

In this scene, Asin asks Vijay what is wrong with wearing shorts and sleeveless. Hearing this, an irked Vijay delivers a punch dialogue, for which many of his fans applauded at that time. 

"For you, it is Shorts. But for us, it is panties. For you, it may be sleeveless. But for us, it is bra. A lady should consider her body divine, and should expose like this only in front of her husband," says Vijay. 

These dialogues received applause from theaters, and the scene indirectly hints at the fact that it is the right of a man to grope a lady if she wears raunchy outfits. However, neither the director nor the actor did not realize that the statement they made in the movie was politically incorrect. 

Vijay's evolution

A few hours back, a deleted scene from the movie Master was released by the makers. This scene clearly indicates that Vijay has undergone a drastic evolution, and now, he is making sure that the dialogues he delivers on-screen are politically correct. 

In the deleted scene, Vijay can be seen criticizing people who are engaged in moral policing activities. The deleted scene has already gone viral, and people are now lauding the actor for bringing changes in society with his movies.