Kolkata Metro
The couple was thrashed for hugging in public on Monday night. (Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons/Naikshweta747

The incident of 'moral policing', wherein a young couple traveling by the Kolkata Metro was thrashed by the passengers, for 'standing too close' in public has stoked controversy. The couple was also bombarded with embarrassing questions by these passengers when the metro train came to halt at the Dum Dum metro station on Monday night.

While locals staged a vivid protest against the manhandling of the couple and the attackers who reports claim were above 50 years of age, others have taken to social media platforms to shame the city and the accused men.

In fact, youngsters are offering free hugs to people outside Dum Dum metro station, as a mark of protest against, reported ANI.

free hugs
Youngsters offering free hugs to people outside Dum Dum metro station in kolkata'.ANI
free hugs
Youngsters offering free hugs to people outside Dum Dum metro station in kolkata'.ANI

Interestingly, most of the people who have voiced their opinion against the treatment meted out to the youth are either Bengalis or residents of Kolkata.

People are of the opinion that Kolkata used to have a liberal mindset but has changed.

"Hugging does not qualify as obscenity. Neither is "standing too close." But you know what behavior is disgusting? Physically assaulting a young couple because you are so set in the ways that you can't bear the thought of a progressive society allowing today's youth to freely express their love in public. This is not the Kolkata I know," Pritha Paul, a resident of Kolkata, who is currently working in Bengaluru as a journalist told International Business Times India.

Tram in Kolkata
Residents of Kolkata and others have shamed the city.REUTERS

Another resident of the city also echoed Paul's views and said that the incident in Kolkata has brought her embarrassment.

"Wow Kolkata, you have left me no reason say that I am proud of my city anymore. I am wondering, if this would have been some guy harassing the girl indulging in the same gesture, would you shout or protest in the same way? I doubt," Shreesha Ghosh, a reporter wrote on Facebook.

Other people took to Twitter to express their sadness as well as anger over the incident. A few even said that Bengalis are no longer liberal like they used to be.