Policemen often draw flak from the general public. Either for the lapse in the fulfillment of their duties or for other more serious offenses such as engaging in corrupt practices, they get called out for it. However, the kind-hearted deeds of these public servants often go unnoticed due to the notoriety that the abovementioned actions receive. However, one cop from Kolkata has won the hearts of netizens with his benevolent gesture.

On Saturday, the Kolkata Police shared an image on social media of one of its servicemen engaging in a noble action—sheltering stray dogs from the heavy rains that have been lashing the city for the past few days. The picture shows the traffic policeman sharing his umbrella with the animals. Since its sharing on Twitter, the image has garnered nearly 2500 likes and has been re-tweeted over 300 times.

Braving the Rain Together

The policeman, Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal, is from the East Traffic Guard, which is near the 7 point crossing at Park Circus, a locality in Central-South Kolkata. In the image Constable Mandal is holding a blue and white umbrella to shield himself from the heavy downpour.

However, what won over Twitterati was him sharing his umbrella with two stray dogs. The two animals can be seen taking cover under the policeman's umbrella. While a brown-colored canine sat by his side, a black and brown dog looked on as heavy rains lashed around them. The image shows the policeman raising his hands, possibly to signal a vehicle approaching the center of the crossing.

Wins Hearts with Gesture

Man and Dog
Man and dog (Representational Picture)Pixabay

Constable Mandal's kind actions evoked appreciation and admiration from Twitter users. "Hats off to the gesture shown by the policeman. Best wishes to Kolkata Police which you really deserve," read a tweet.

Another user tweeted: "Humanity is still alive .. Great show By Mr. Tarun Kumar Mondal..##KP always with us for ever.." Expressing pride over the gesture, a user commented, "We Kolkatans are proud of our Police force. Everyday you people do a neat job very professionally. Keep going.

Wishing the policeman, a tweet read: "With all my love and respect for Tarun Babu. God bless him always. Regards." Addressing the difficulties faced in the line duty by traffic policemen, a user wrote, "What a tough job!! On duty amidst rain when we are safely at our home! And protecting two innocent strays!"