Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt
Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt on Koffee With Karan 5.Alia Bhatt/ Instagram

The fifth season of popular show Koffee With Karan has begun and how. Celebrity guests Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt were an absolute delight and at their witty best on the show's maiden episode. Both appeared extremely comfortable and didn't hold back while answering the potentially controversial questions thrown at them by host Karan Johar.

The stars shared their experiences working together on their upcoming release Dear Zindagi. Even though Bhatt is only a few-years-old into showbiz, Khan said he had quite a bit of help from her while performing the scenes. The superstar said that he would forget his lines, but Bhatt would remember them for him.

Along the way, the conversation drifted to how big a prude Khan is and that he has always been uncomfortable with questions on one's personal life. Johar and Khan discussed how they have been unnecessarily fighting rumours about them being an item for years. The two joked that they should have just gone ahead and released the photographs, in which they are kissing and naked.

Moving on, Johar said that he is Khan's shopping assistant and before he could continue the conversation, Khan interjected saying that on these little shopping trips the host usually pushes it to a limit where it becomes embarrassing for him.

Sharing an anecdote, Khan said that Johar follows him to the trial area and after he has changed, he calls on the shop manager or whoever is available at the time to get his/her opinion on the fit of the clothing.

Meanwhile, Bhatt revealed she first kissed a boy when she was 16 adding that she has dated men, but needed a break from relationships as they take away from the work she does. Khan said that if someone were to kiss his daughter he would rip his lips off and went on to ask Bhatt how boys are in their teenage. Johar joked that the actor stalks his daughter and is extremely territorial about her.

Talking about work, the Fan actor said that he has had his blinkers on and is okay with the kind of work he has been doing, box office success or not. Khan said one should be "demotional" about one's work — detached yet emotional — so that a failure doesn't bring one down and successes do not get the better of the person.

There were three segments — acting round, rapid fire and pop culture quiz — out of which the senior star aced two. He went home with the hamper, but Bhatt with her quick GK answers was able to overcome the shame of not being a current affairs genius something that has haunted her since the last season.

The highlight of the show was, however, the multiple choice question. Khan was asked what he fears the most?

  1. Being stuck in the Bigg Boss house.
  2. Losing all his hair.
  3. Sex tape of his being leaked.

The star said he is scared of losing his hair. When Johar prodded: "why doesn't a leaked sex tape bother him?" The actor said he doesn't mind it adding that Maya Memsaab is available for people to see. However, he later salvaged the statement saying that the scenes were top-notch VFX work.