Superstar Rajinikanth's "Kochadaiiyaan" ("Kochadaiyaan") has received positive reviews from critics.

Directed by debutant Soundarya,"Kochadaiiyaan" is deemed as India's first 3D film using photorealistic motion capturing technology. The film's story revolves around two kingdoms - Kalingapuri and Kottaipattinam.

Rana (Rajinikanth) is declared as the commander of Kalingapuri and he goes on winning battles against other kingdoms using his strong army. He gains the trust of the Kalingapuri king and convinces him to wage a war against Kottaipattinam.

Rana takes his army to attack Kottaipattinam, but on the battlefield he announces his support for the kingdom and becomes the hero of Kottaipattinam. Why did Rana express his solidarity for the kingdom and what is his intention form the crux of the story.

Rajinikanth plays a dual role in the film – as father (Kochadaiiyaan) and as son (Rana). Deepika Padukone appears as Vadhana Devi and the love interest of Rana, while the other cast members including Sarathkumar, Aadhi, Jackie Shroff, Shobana and Nassar play pivotal roles. 

Critics have given positive feedback for the historic drama. Although the film's story is simple, its screenplay by director KS Ravikumar is entertaining with all the mass elements and lot of twists that will impress the audience, said the critics and added that there are very few dull moments in the film.

"The film, set in a bygone era, encompasses elements such as bravery, jealousy, revenge and inspiring leadership. K.S.Ravikumar binds them all with a gripping screenplay which soars particularly in the second half and he proves that he is a master at his game. His story gels well with the period and the characters being portrayed on screen," said Behindwoods Review Board.

Siddharth Srinivas of Cinemalead said, "Though the story isn't a big bash, it is the screenplay which is well balanced with romantic, senti and thrill-filled happenings along with enough and more mass moments for the fans to cheer about. Soundarya's direction is apt, and the duo must be lauded for their creative ideas at many instants. Had this been an actual film, it would have touched the skies," said.

Besides the screenplay, the other major highlights of the film are Rajinikanth's performance, AR Rahman's music and the background scores, war scenes as well as late actor Nagesh who has been resurrected through animation. The supporting actors including Nassar, Sarathkumar, Jackie Shroff and Aadhi have also done their parts well.

On the flip side, the film's animation work seems to be an average in some portions. However, that should not be considered a major drawback since "Kochadaiiyaan" is the first of its kind and a maiden attempt in Indian cinema industry and director Soundarya should be commended for introducing the cutting-edge technology, said the critics.

"Despite the lack of technical finesse, the filmmaker deserves to be applauded for taking a step towards innovation and change, and setting the ground work for 'Rana'," said Sneha May Francis of Emirates 24/7.

Indiaglitz said, "'Kochadaiiyaan' is a definite summer treat and is totally worth the wait. As noted by experts in this field, 'Kochadaiiyaan' has kicked off on an optimistic note and is certainly a trend setter in many respects."

On the whole, "Kochadaiiyaan" is a good attempt using new age technology and the Rajinikanth starrer provides wholesome entertainment. Though the film has released after several delays, it is worth the wait.

Verdict: Worth Watching