North West
North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.Reuters

Kim Kardashian has recently revealed that her husband Kanye West inspired her to do the Paper magazine nude photo shoot. The reality star was initially not confident about going nude for the camera and reportedly "freaked" out at the idea of it.

"At first I thought it was a good idea, then I freaked and then I loved it, so I had all these emotions going around it," she said, adding, "He taught me to like - what do you really believe? Forget about what anyone else is really thinking, and if you love it that's what's important,"reported Entertainmentwise.

In a series of photos, Kim is seen showing off her nude derriere while balancing a champagne glass on it. In another photo she is seen standing on a wooden block and with a naughty smile on her face is taking her gown off. Famed photographer Jean-Paul Goude took Kardashian's controversial pictures.

The actress also said that the photographs acted as a "confident booster" for her. She reportedly did not feel positive when she had gained weight due to her first pregnancy. She had told her family, while she was carrying, West's daughter, that she will be going nude soon after getting her pre-pregnancy body back, according to The Age.

Kardashian was also extremely excited to work with Goude. "When I did the shoot I was just so excited to work with this photographer. My favourite image ever is this one of Naomi Campbell where she's naked, upside down, with her long ponytail holding her up," she said to the website.

Meanwhile, Kardashian said that she and West were trying to have another baby, reports Channel Nine's Today. The duo gave birth to their first daughter, North West, in June last year.

Kardashian was recently in Australia to promote her new line of fragrance, Fleur Fatale. She was seen promoting it at Chadstone shopping centre and Spice Market. The fragrance has a strong base of roses, and according to Kim, it is something she has never done before.

Kanye and North did not accompany Kardashian on her Australian leg of the tour.